Fine writer and reader of Substack—we are starting a movement to get a poetry section added to the platform. Can I ask, are you with us?


If so, please consider clicking the above link and liking the Notes post—leave a comment or even share within your own community. Poetry lives on in the minds of hearts of writers, it breathes on the page.

Your voice can be heard among the starry illuminations, howling at the moon.

Thank you for your time and support.

Love and appreciation,


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Apr 21, 2023Liked by Paulos

💬 I believe very strongly in giving content to the world, and I don’t yet feel like locking it away.

🤩💖 In this balmy light, pls consider: when you place bonus stuff behind the paywall—as with The Total Nuclear Death 🔥👌—the entire comments section follows suit 🥹

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I will keep this mind, thank you.

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