Bite-sized tasks is the way to go. Once you have a tempo, you realize you are writing more and more words a day, of better quality, without really trying.

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kek, enjoyed this.

Something that ZeroHPLovecraft said, which I think is useful, is to remember there is both:

1.) performance anxiety — nervousness before releasing something ready


2.) analysis paralysis — second-guessing, self-inflicted delays due to the inherent complexity of any large or meaningful project, which leads to a lack of clarity. This becomes especially acute when you have overlapping, or conflicting aesthetic design principles. Now you are being delayed by making case-by-case judgments on which design principles should be prioritized to override the other aspirations.

Especially writing as a side hobby, working as a passion project, it takes a long time to create a long work, and the work is done in bits and pieces, so it can be slow and tentative.

Always I love reading your work, the clarity and passion and brilliance of your vision.

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Good stuff. I got a chuckle out of that.

Glad to hear you are planning to post more. I was very happy to see this.

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Apr 10, 2023Liked by Paulos

Be free. We are souls craving anything and everything real. We have longed for something real. We are accepting because we see so much fraud.

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Great decision - publishing is so much easier once you have momentum.

Enjoyed the vignette!

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I would humbly suggest changing the following, unintentional, bugmanism: "One of their missions was to..." to "One of *his* missions was to..." or "one of his unit's missions was to..."

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