Beautiful ads are absolutely key. They must be art. Aesthetica is essential to the implicit message.

You probably saw this, written by Isaac Simpson at ZeroHedge:


Highly relevant to this strategy. Back to basics, high quality consumer goods, the politics implicit in ingredients and production methods rather than just slapping a gay rifle on the same coffee Starbucks is selling.

What's that line about America packaging up your revolution and selling it back to you? Okay well, that's how you do revolution in America, so let's do this thing.

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This is going to become a must-read among folks in our circles. We need to be serious about how we maneuver the creation of parallel markets.

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This is the way. As a former Ad guy, there is hardly any talent in these agencies. Maybe 3-5% of the workforce is creative and only a few of those have good taste.

Next steps would be:

1. Identify alternative brands already in existence and partner them with existing media pubs. Do a 6 month free ad trial where the media pubs get final say over ad content while the company gets free space.

Prove the model works.

2. Identify opportunities in market where easy growth could happen. I.e. former relationship w/ mfg, dist. already exist.

Quick, easy wins. New product launches carry a lot of cache.

3. Assign content creators to certain product lines for a trial period where they create compelling content on behalf of the brands to be either published in the publications or on social channels.

Would create a competitive atmosphere around our most talented.

4. Create an easy to navigate directory of all the dissident brands. Both digital and print. Update it quarterly. This could have advertising possibilities as well.

The Alternative consumer guide. Could also promote music/movie reviews.

5. Lastly, out of this a real counter culture creative agency will likely form. This will need to happen to get the best creative minds together. But the info sec around it needs to be airtight. Ad culture loves to gossip and brag. This would have to be the polar opposite.

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We are the media now. The based half of US consumer purchasing power is a sleeping giant market Perfect timing to build new platforms and brands to serve them.

Put on your “They Live” glasses to see through the NPC social engineering ads: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-advertise

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Very intelligent attack vector. Enjoyed reading this!

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You can kill the machine or you can co-opt the machine. Tough either way and never a kill, only a wounding. Dangerous play, and worth it.

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Plus if our brands are able to provide legitimately superior products, even if in a small way, this will contribute to the emergence of a visible countercultural faction which is *living better than their opposition*. If the American consumer economy is making people fat, sick, unhappy, mentally ill, etc. and our products don’t, this can be in some sense even better propaganda than the media outlets themselves. Put more simply, it’s an opportunity for a virtuous cycle.

My only next question is: success in this way will engender resistance--what do we expect that resistance to look like, and how do we get ahead of it?

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Paulos this is a great step in the “positivist” policy proposal.

My only comment is that Medusa was vanquished with her own image presented back to her.

To some extent the content must be reflective of the ugly, stultifying, propaganda. She won’t stop until she turns to stone.

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I like this. A tactic that is having slow effect amongst friends with normie friends, if not directly with the normies themselves, is to call out the face behind the source directly.

For example, if someone tells you about the Washington Post declaring children to be a blight upon the world, asks them, “Is that what Jeff Bezos wants you to think?”

“I wonder who paid the NYT to tell you [insert biased opinion here]?”

“The people persecuting Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers are telling you not to protect your privacy? You don’t say…”

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A simple start to this would be a "family stars" rating system.

You don't want to use Proctor & Gamble ? Then who do you want to use instead? Nobody has time for all the required market research, so it has to be done for people and simplified to "P&G get 2 stars, those are bad for these reasons, try this 5 star family friendly product instead".

Something that supports barcode scanning.

It also works on adverts. "We're a 5 family star rated company".

An example of this in use already is the ESG rating system for investments, which I use it as an indicator of how woke and therefore retarded the company management are.

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I have noticed that leftist magazines are 50% ads but they're mostly very aesthetic while con Inc web pages are filled with the most garish ads imaginable making me feel like a loser for being there.

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Otherwise known as the Leviathan.

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This is a great piece. Had it on my list thanks to John Carter.

Working on this now, and I’ll drop notes

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