A similar logic can be applied to other, somewhat less apocalyptic events. A financial collapse brought on by the hubris of central bankers, for example, would bring great suffering in the near term but remove their leverage for control. The resources required to maintain the current social order, based as it is on lies and contrary as it is in every way to human nature, are vast. You would think they would understand this. No doubt their predecessors appreciated it quite keenly. The current crop of elites by contrast, seem to think their positions ordained by God (maybe not the Christian God....) and therefore play chicken with catastrophe.

To the subject, I suspect the aftermath may be the Latin American century rather than the Chinese. First, because I doubt very much Asia would emerge unscathed. Second, because fallout world be a severe problem throughout the northern hemisphere in the event of a strategic exchange on such a scale. Nowhere is more irrelevant than Latin America, save perhaps Africa ... but we all Africa is dependent on food aid from a civilization that would be dead, so. Latin America, OTOH, can feed itself, provide its own energy, and is remarkably antifragile due to its political decentralization and, ironically, its corruption - things barely work there as it is, and the cities are quite accustomed to being barely functional islands of civilization in a sea of barbarism.

There's also Australia, of course, but even assuming they don't get drawn in, their population is very small. They may remain an outpost of relatively safe and prosperous civilization, but they would not dominate.

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The predicted death count for the US is only for the first days. The vast majority of survivors would die of starvation within a few weeks.

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A rather sobering piece, Mythos. I like it. Someone has to talk reality about the situation. There hasn't been a smiliar population kill situation since the Plague (a topic for another day). Why do our fake and gay leaders keep pushing for the worst?

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When you say that the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be suspended, while that totally makes sense I think it would be different than the current de facto suspension of them due to fabricated "emergencies".

I would bet that the surviving people's instincts would definitely kick in to a large degree -- those that intended to cooperate for survival anyway. So martial law would be well understood as obviously necessary at the individual survival level.

I think that'd also be a time of reckoning, i.e., how did the previous (our current) system enable such a horrific outcome. With life that raw and hard, essentially back to the frontier days, I think people would be very unhappy about allowing the same thing to play out again.

But who knows? I do know that, living here in St. Mary's County in Maryland (and a few miles from the US Navy Air Command), there's little-to-no chance of survival. Direct blast, firestorm or subsequent radiation, etc.

These lunatics that are binging us to the brink of that disaster apparently have little grasp of reality. "As long as it takes" they say, with little concrete discussion of what "it" actually means. I'm certain they think they can "win" and survive, right back in charge.

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Do you refer to everything as a myth because of your pseudonym? The geological evidence of a global flood is strong. Other than the destruction of cities, I don't think anything is guaranteed. Without them the Davos crowd loses control and I think the survivors do OK.

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not a chance our nukes will work , probably the ruskies either neither have been doing maintenance on them in decades.

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It has already been WARGAMED my fellow Americans an written in a THREE BOOK




A Woman is the POTUS

Gee can you image that

And the FACTS TODAY seem to play out all three Books

Almost to a T

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The only scenario that matters is found in Jeremiah chapter 50 and 51 in the Holy Bible. These chapters explain that a nation from the North will attack Babylon, (America), and destroy it in one hour. The Russians have built bomb shelters to shield their people from a reprisal attack, the Russians know that their citizens are their most valuable asset, not the government and the military. Run your simulation under the Biblical view.

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Any government officials that caused or allowed a nuclear exchanged would be identified and killed on sight in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.

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